Welcome to Bohemian High, clothing, gifts and accessories for the free spirit.

What were we thinking when creating Bohemian High?

There are no great local stores to buy bohemian / festival clothes, jewelry and smoking

Bohemian High Friends
Friends make it more fun

accessories.  Bohemian High solves this problem by offering tapestries, jewelry, incense,  and other products all under one roof.  Our target market is male and female between 18 and 88 (corrected by a great customer).  Our customer usually has at least one of the following traits; free spirit, outgoing, music loving or art loving.  The biggest competition is the internet and other smoke shops and boutiques.

Looking forward to seeing all the festival people visiting our first store.

Customer Positive Feedback So Far:

The first thing usually said is something like “Cool”. “This place has some good vibes” and “We’re back”.  Other comments are “This brings back memories”, “I was at the original Woodstock” and “I love the music”.  When walking past the Wild Berry incense we always hear, that smells nice. When leaving we almost always hear “I’ll be back”.

Customer Negative Feedback So Far:

We need more Plus sizes and not enough clothing for men.

Anyway, we love the store and have had some great experiences putting it together.  We have met some great people along the way.  I couldn’t be happier that we got out and did the next thing.  I hope all that come by enjoy at least some part of our little store. Welcome, and stop in to say hello, if not today, tomorrow.

Directions to Bohemian High:
Bohemian High glasses and bracelets for men
Men’s section, jewelry, shaving gear and more

156 Bridgeport Ave Milford CT 06460 – Directions to the store are simply take exit 34 off I-95.  At the end of the ramp turn right onto Bridgeport Ave.  Bohemian High is just a little over 4.20 tenths of a mile on the right side (156 Bridgeport Ave).

P.S. Be sure to ask about a 10% discount for checking into your social media.

We now have a sister store, The Grove right next to Bohemian High. The Grove’s logo is a triangle with an @ at the top, an owl in the middle and the text “The Grove” at the bottom. The three sides of the logo represent 1. the three partners, 2. art, education and entertainment and 3. three areas inside The Grove (GoGo Joe’s Coffee Shop, our event space and art studio and an office rental space).

The @ sign at the top is used in all the things we do, for example CannaHealth @ The Grove, Paint & Sip @ The Grove, Meditation @ The Grove. There are many events hosted @ The Grove, just check out our FB events page for the latest happenings @ The Grove.