Image meanings

Arrow –
represents protection, defense direction, force, movement and power.

Broken or Down arrow –
represents peace

Crossed arrows –
represents friendship

Peace symbols –
Peace must be found within before it can be found anywhere else in the world. Whether you’re part of the original 1960’s Woodstock era, where peace-loving hippies today proudly share stories of bra-burning, or just a free spirit who wants to promote the sense of inner well-being, a peace symbol is just that, peaceful.

Feathers –
are yet another whimsical bohemian inspired image design that’s sure to sing to your wandering spirit. For the true nature lover, a bird or feather image can represent many different things. An owl, for example, can offer protection in the night sky while an old school eagle feather can represent bravery and Americana pride; perfect for your peace-loving spirit.

Compass –
North, south, east or west, a compass image knows your heart best. Embrace your love of travel and adventure with a design depicting direction. Whether you’re pioneering a new life path or simply want to remind yourself there’s no place like home, a compass symbol will keep you from losing your place in this world.

Dream catcher –
Bearing origin from old Native American legend, a dream catcher spins a web for nocturnal peaceful slumber. When hung over the bed, Sacred Hoops, as they are still sometimes called, were believed to trap all bad dreams within their web so that only peaceful dreams could pass through. Dream catchers incorporate feathers and often beads. Think about personalizing these small details to make your image even more dreamy.

Gypsy girl –
An old school gypsy girl image takes the cake for the top 5 bohemian inspired image designs. Even if you’re not connected to an original old school gypsy, you can add symbolic details to your girl to make her all the more significant. From changing her hair color to adding jewels in birthstones and scarves with small zodiac symbols, there’s many ways to personalize her so that she feels right at home, and speaks to your gypsy soul.

Tuesday’s Hike and adventure

On Tuesday 11/08/2016, Rich took me on a short hike to Indian Wells.  On our way home we stopped at a glass shop in Shelton at 415 Howe Ave.  We ended up meeting several artisans.

First we met the people at The Glass Source where they produce hand made glass items, which are very cool.  They were very nice and informative. We definitely want to go back to make some glass ornaments and hopefully strike a wholesale deal.

Second place we went to was Hoopla, Nichole is the owner, which makes handmade hoola hoops. Nichole also runs some art event throughout the valley. She was a wealth of information and, btw, is married to a member of the band The Alpaca Gnomes.  She let us know about an event being held there on Dec. 3. Rich and I plan on going.  She also is ageeable to wholesaling to us as well as coming out to our shop to help with some events.

The last person we met was Marshall. He is the owner/artisan of Periodic Tableware. He has some very neat glassware made out of beakers and will be at the Dec 3rd event where he will be releasing his new beaker shaker. He also let us know he does wholesale.


How to Be Bohemian

  • Living the Bohemian lifestyle
    • Create art
    • Listen to the music
    • Challenge what you and others believe
    • Become informed about other lifestyles or points of view
    • Express yourself in some artistic way
    • Question authority (within reason)
    • Live for the moment
  • Dressing Bohemian
    • Stay comfortable
    • Choose fabric with all of your senses
    • Know that it’s your body
    • Study how your clothing moves before you go out
    • Remember that when most people think of Bohemian style, bright colours and graphic prints come to mind.However, while these most certainly add a gypsy air, a simpler Bohemian look can be achieved by using dramatic one-tone items. It is the cut and fabric that, above all, create a Bohemian feel.
    • Keep it simple
    • Mold your clothing to your personality and mood

Copied from

Apply for EIN

On Friday November 4th, 2016 around 4pm we faxed form SS-4 to

Internal Revenue Service
Attn: EIN Operation
Cincinnati, OH 45999
Fax: (855) 641-6935

The IRS publication states that it should take 4 business days to process a faxed SS-4. If no EIN received by the 14th or 15th then call 1-800-829-4933 to find out the status.

Getting Started

There is a list of things thought to accomplish at the start.

Things accomplished so far:

  1. Decide on what kind of business to start. We chose a retail business selling bohemian clothing and paraphernalia.
  2. Decide on a business name. We chose “Bohemian High”.
  3. Research to ensure the name is not taken.
  4. Get the web address, and
  5. Start a business plan
  6. Visit a trade show to explore costs, prices and ideas.
  7. Visit shops with similar ideas.  We went to Greenwich Avenue and Milford center to get some ideas.
  8. Design a logo so we can get business cards.
  9. Decide on a business structure, we chose the general partnership.

Things thought to accomplish next:

  1. Get a tax id.
  2. Open a business checking account and get a credit card.
  3. Research next steps.