How to Be Bohemian

  • Living the Bohemian lifestyle
    • Create art
    • Listen to the music
    • Challenge what you and others believe
    • Become informed about other lifestyles or points of view
    • Express yourself in some artistic way
    • Question authority (within reason)
    • Live for the moment
  • Dressing Bohemian
    • Stay comfortable
    • Choose fabric with all of your senses
    • Know that it’s your body
    • Study how your clothing moves before you go out
    • Remember that when most people think of Bohemian style, bright colours and graphic prints come to mind.However, while these most certainly add a gypsy air, a simpler Bohemian look can be achieved by using dramatic one-tone items. It is the cut and fabric that, above all, create a Bohemian feel.
    • Keep it simple
    • Mold your clothing to your personality and mood

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