Tunisian Towels

The word fouta is an Arabic word for tissue. In Tunisia  hammam towels are called foutas. Striped Fouta Towels are traditionally offered at Tunisian bathhouses.

Fouta Beach Towel
Fouta Beach Towel

The New York Times says foutas are “ large enough for one person to lie down on at the beach, but since they’re made most often of lightweight cotton and linen, they roll up tightly — perfect for tucking in a tote and taking with you. What’s more, they’re as absorbent as traditional terry-cloth towels, and they dry quickly, too.”

Whether you use them for beach, spa or everyday use you will find many practical reasons to keep a fouta with you always.

See our modern equivalents in a range of styles that all stand out for their quality and good looks. Each towel is luxuriously large and highly absorbent (the more often they are used, the softer and more absorbent they become). Focalpoint Fouta Towels are available in a variety of colors, each towel is woven from 100% Egyptian cotton and finished with a hand-knotted fringe.


The Original Roll-On® Bracelet.


One of the companies Bohemian High will proudly provide to our customers is The Original Roll-On® Bracelet.  These bracelets

Gatsby Glitz
Gatsby Glitz

are handmade in Kathmandu,  Nepal by their local artisans. The company is part of the Fair Trade Federation, an association that promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade.

The design team works closely with their artisans throughout the entire design process, carefully considering the practical implications of the designs before moving forward with any production. They supply their artisans with only the finest quality glass beads from sources in the Czech Republic and Japan. Their vibrant, high quality beads and hand-dyed cotton thread combine to create the exclusive Aid Through Trade™ Original Roll-On® Bracelet, which carries a lifetime guarantee and ‘rolls-on’ to almost any size wrist.


NY NOW 2017 Complete

Rich and Gloria NY NOW 2017
Rich and Gloria NY NOW 2017

Gloria and I are headed home from a great retailers convention at the Javits Center in NY City.

I believe we have filled half the store up with great products;

  • Belart jewelry from Colombia
  • The Original Roll On Bracelets
  • Focal Point Tunisian towels
  • Mercury sun glasses
  • NakedBee products
  • Kathmandu clothing and bags
  • Yack and Yeti clothing and bags
  • some colorful glass and ceramic items from Kuba Crafts
  • Wraps ear buds
  • Socks with display
  • Critter Ears
  • a variety of items from Benjamin
  • a huge Wildberry Incense display fully stocked

We still need to visit Hawaii, and visit a warehouse in Vermont to fill in where we are missing items and we still need to make a big glass purchase.

Gloria and I are very excited and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the next couple of months.



New Home, 156 Bridgeport Ave, Milford CT

Negotiated with Chris Saley for the first location of Bohemian High,

156 Bridgeport Ave, Milford CT.

Chris is a good guy and is doing us a solid, he came down on the rent for the first year to give us a chance to land on our feet.