The Volcano Vaporizer

Bohemian High offers the Volcano Vaporizer
Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is the Ferrari of tobacco and herbal vaporizers. Instead of burning, it atomizes. There’s no smoke, and no carcinogens. Just sweet, sweet, vapor that is so efficient that your herbs will be 3-4 times more effective…

Vaporizers are billed as tobacco cessation devices, as well as aromatherapy products for burning various herbal remedies, as well as the type of herb you are thinking of. They work essentially like a hair dryer element, heating herbs and tobacco to a temperature just before the point of combustion thus extracting the active elements but not actually burning the leaves. The absence of burning makes for little to no carcinogens in the inhaled vapor. In fact, the Volcano claims to be over 95% carcinogen free making it the preferred form of marijuana consumption in various Pharmaceutical Science and Medical Marijuana usage studies.

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How to use the Volcano Classic Vaporizer

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