Atmos KilnRA

Atmos KilnRA

Atmos KilnRA
Atmos KilnRA

The Kiln RA is a sub-ohm vaporizer meant to be used with waxy consistency products, using ceramic heating attachment that uses replaceable atomizer. these atomizer are uniquely designed, utilizing pure ceramic heating to evenly vaporize your product, producing rich and pure flavor.

Atmos KilnRA kit includes

  • 1 user manual
  • 1 screw driver
  • 5 replacement rubber bands
  • 2 replacement screws

How to use the KilnRA

  1. Remove mouthpiece/cap to expose heating chamber
  2. Apply a small amount of substance (wax consistency) onto the ceramic heating disc
  3. refit the mouthpiece/cap ensuring that it is completely attached
  4. Turn on by pressing button 5 times
  5. press and hold power button and inhale slowly
  6. To maintain maximum puff duration the KilnRA will only allow for a 15 second drag although recommended 5 second inhales

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