Grenco pen

Micro G pen kit
Micro G pen kit

Micro in size yet monumental in capability, this next generation microG Vaporizer features improved durability and function, while still maintaining the fundamental makeup integral to the Original microG. Ideal for fluids medium to thick in viscosity.

MicroG pen Kit includes

  • 2 Rechargeable original microG batteries
  • 2 Original microG coils
  • 2 Original microG mouthpieces
  • 1 G Keychain
  • 1 microG tool
  • 5 microG mouthpiece sleeves
  • 1 G wall adapter
  • 1 Original microG wired USB charger
  • 2 G glass containers
  • 3 G cleaning tips

How to use MicroG

  1. Load microG pen with concentrate
  2. Put mouthpiece on
  3. Turn on the microG pen by pressing the button 5 times
  4. Let heat up for 2-3 seconds
  5. Pull for 6-7 seconds
  6. Enjoy

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