Good Vibes Festival Vendor Request

Its that time of year, Bohemian High is going to have our third annual Good Vibes Festival. The date is July 27, 2019 rain or shine and festivities start at noon. The location is 156 Bridgeport Ave, Milford CT.

We have 12 outdoor vendor 10 X 10 spaces available and 6 indoor vendor spaces available. Cost is $25 per space plus a raffle donation with a retail value of $25. Click here to pay the vendor fee or you can stop in the store to pay if you do not want to pay the processing fee on EventBrite.

Please contact Richard or Gloria for additional information, or complete the form below and we will respond, usually within 24 hours.


Monday, July 1st; deadline for inclusion in event program – no refunds after June 30th.


  1. On Saturday July 27th you will have access to the event area starting 10am and must be completely set up by noon.
  2. Vendor to bring tenting, tent weights (cannot fasten to blacktop), tables & chairs
  3. No vehicles, vans or trucks will be allowed remain by your vending spot; parking close by will be provided. 
  4. No food or beverages may be distributed from your area without prior consent.
  5. No CBD products without prior consent.
  6. Please remove all items and trash to appropriate areas prior to leaving at the end of the event.
  8. Vendors are responsible for all state and federal taxes

We look forward to a great weekend and are glad you are able to join us.

Artists, Crafters, Vendors…

We have a lot going on here at The Grove and Bohemian High for people that create things and want to sell them

We have a lot going on here at The Grove and Bohemian High for people that create things and want to sell them

  • Sunday Indoor Bazaar – During the summer, when the Devon Farmers Market is open, The Grove has invited you to be apart of the indoor bazaar. We have space for at least six vendors to “hock their wares”. Click here if you are interested.
  • Artist Wall Display – In our event space we have six 4 foot by 8 foot spaces to hang wall art. The concept is this: We arrange a time for you to come in and arrange your art with prices in your area of the event space. We leave the art hanging for a month. During that time we work together and organize an OPENING NIGHT for you to invite your friends, families, and other guests to view and hopefully purchase your work. The grove takes 18% (10% for The Grove, 6.35% for state tax and 1.65% to the cc companies) and you get the rest. You can also have a closing night if you’d like.
  • Training, Workshops and Classes – If you are good at what you do and want to pass the knowledge on, we will work with you and help you create a way to teach what you do. We do it with painters every month.
  • Festival Vending – Bohemian High has a festival every year and has space for 12 vendors to participate in the festivities.
  • Not Consignment – Bohemian High does not do consignment, BUT, if you schedule an appointment (203-301-4097), we will look at your items and possibly purchase them for sale in the store. We currently have about eight people we do this with.
  • Front of the Store Vending – If you would like to work this out with us e are open to this option also, we did it last year during the Farmers Market pretty successfully.

We have been open any idea and have yet to turn away an idea. So if you want to do it we can probably work something out so you can get it done. You can contact us by email,, phone 203-301-4097, stop in to Bohemian High.