I started doing research on Kratom (and Kava) in September 2019 because Bohemian High sells these products and I was not able to answer questions about the products we sell like I could answer questions about CBD. I have spreadsheets and documents full of information that I cut and pasted to when I came across good bits of information.

Then I came across the KRATOM ONLINE website and in particular the Kratom Strain Guide on that site. This site gives great information on the Maeng Da, Thai and Bali strains. It details effects, recipes, serving size (dosage should not be used because this is a supplement and not a medicine) and much more information. I copied the following image from the site.

Kratom Strain Meter

Another great site for researchers is KRATOM GUIDES and in particular the page on the 16 Best Kratom Strains and their Effects. This page in particular gives and overview of the most popular strains.

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