Green Roads Visits Bohemian High

CBD class at Bohemian High
CBD class at Bohemian High

Green Roads is visiting Bohemian High this week.

They have sent Lance Thomas, a Business Development Specialists, to teach us as much as the time allots about cannabidiol (CBD).

Click here for a PDF (page 5 has a list of what CBD may help with and links to the research) version of what it’s about, and here for a PPT version.

Green Roads –
Path to Natural Health CBD

Presented by: Green Roads World
Hosted By: Bohemian High, 156 Bridgeport Ave, Milford CT
Instructor: Lance Thomas, Business Development Specialist
7:00 to 8:30 PM 20 seats available (call in advance or first come first served)

Here is a short outline of what to expect in this two-part series:

Part 1 – Introduction

Wednesday August 30th, 7pm to 8:30pm

Green Roads: our story, our vision, and our mission
What Is CBD?
– Endocannabinoid system
– Hemp vs marijuana
– Legality and history
– How products are made and how Green Roads products are made
How does CBD help/What does CBD do?
– Symptoms
– Conditions
– Patient stories
Different CBD delivery methods
– How to use different forms of CBD
What are terpenes?

Part 2 – Advanced class

Thursday August 31st, 7pm to 8:30pm

Quick review of class 1
In depth on the ECS (endocannabinoid system)
– Discovery, history of research
– Different cannabinoids
– Endocannabinoid system functions
– CBD around the world
– Different conditions with research
– Hear from patients and doctors
Bonus in-depth hemp education
– History in us and internationally
– Uses

Build a Dreamcatcher Workshop

Presented by: The Colorful Dreamcatcher

$15 for 2 hours ish

August 1st, 2017 7:30 – 9:30

Only 12 seats available
(pay in advance or first come first served)

Materials provided

Bring your own beverage

Instructor: Cassie Barbosa, Owner of The Colorful Dreamcatcher formally known as Penelope’s Web

There will be a short introduction: (About “The Colorful Dreamcatcher”, history of the dreamcatcher and basic overall instructions).  Then the fun starts with all materials provided.  If you would like to bring your own special adornment, please do so.

Crystal Streit-Beetham, 1st Submission

Crystal and her entry
Crystal and her entry

Crystal is the first to submit her design for “The Wall”.

When it was handed to me, Gloria said “I guess its real now.”  The best part of this submission is that even if it was the only one I would love to have it adorn the wall.

Crystal's Entry
Crystal’s Entry

Crystal writes “My proposal is to have a tie dyed background with black outlines of the tree of life and life-sized people of adults and children of all shapes and sizes.  Doing yoga poses under the tree, people can interact with this mural by posing in the outlines.  I wanted to have the grass be hand prints from people who wanted to participate with it.  My mission was to create a mural of unity and calmness to the world.”

Okay, the bar is set, what else can our local artists come up with?

Nancy Drew, Mentalist

A new experience for Bohemian High, our offerings now include empathy sessions with Mentalist, Nancy Drew.

Empathy sessions with Mentalist, Nancy Drew
Mentalist, Nancy Drew

To our delight, Nancy will be sharing her own spiritual journey to help others find a personalized path to self-care and enlightenment.  Nancy is practiced in a variety of divination tools that have been used for ages to unlock internal conflict, soothe the heart and ease the mind.   She may also help you determine tangible measures to improve your overall well-being and reclaim joy in your life.

Sessions are based on Nancy’s clairsentient interpretation of *your* psychic energy… use of some other elements as listed below may also be helpful; the choice is entirely yours!!

  • Tarot Cards
  • Palm Readings
  • Past Life Recall
  • I Ching Inquiries
  • Nature/Spirit Animal Journeys
  • Hypnotherapeutic Awakenings
  • Astrology in Daily Life
  • Crystal & Gemstone Healing Properties

If you are interested in scheduling a confidential session or learning more about how Nancy might help you, please call  (203) 301-4097 or stop in and visit.

Lauren Flanagan and Bohemian High Mash Up

Hi Everybody, we would like to introduce Lauren Flanagan as the newest artist to be presented by Bohemian High.


Laura Flanagan
Laura Flanagan

Lauren is a visual artist from Milford, Connecticut, who creates everything from pen illustrations, paintings, hand crafted jewelry and decor, henna tattoos, to earthy, wildly inspired floral design. The geometrical order and striking beauty of nature is something that guides her design and as such, mandalas, as well as, animal and plant totems are present in much of her work. Her art serves its highest purpose when it speaks to the artist inside its viewer and inspires a journey inward, toward a deeper understanding of one’s own creative power and purpose.


You can learn more and see more about Lauren at her web site. You don’t have to read the first paragraph of her about page because I copied it above.  Thank you Lauren.

Leah from LoveBugTieDyes

Leah with Gloria and Richard
Leah with Gloria and Richard

Leah from LoveBugTieDyes is now part of the Bohemian High family. She creates beautiful tie dye products and fantastic jewelry. You can stop by here and pick up some of her creations or find them on Etsy. We welcome Leah and her LoveBugTieDyes.

Cassie and her Dream Catchers

Cassie with Gloria and Richard
Cassie with Gloria and Richard

A big warm dreamy welcome to Cassie of Penelope’s Web. Her Dream Catchers are to dye for. We are so happy to offer her works of art. If we don’t have something of hers you like, look her up on Etsy, she also does custom orders. WELCOME Cassie…yay!

Holly Marie, LMT. Aromatherapy Candles

Holly Marie LMT and Gloria Krouch, Aromatherapy Candles
Holly Marie LMT and Gloria Krouch

Bohemian High is happy to welcome Holly Marie, LMT and her Aromatherapy Candles to our family of local artisans.

Holly is a Massage Therapist who specializes in Aromatherapy and relaxation massages.  Her candles were created to promote the positive mental effects provided by the natural fragrances of essential oils.

After using these oils in messages it was her dream to make candles out of them.  She procures her essential oils from the Sunflower Farm in Orange CT and makes the candles in her kitchen in Bethany CT.

Visit her on Facebook and give her some likes!