2020 and Beyond

What are you plans for 2020?

Dreaming of the great things to come!

A couple of things we want to get done around here are to expand the head shop to the back room and add better and more displays of cool gear. We want to have more events and classes at The Grove and keep an eye out for a new sign on the side of the building.

Gloria and I have been so busy the past few months getting ready for the holidays at the store and at home. We had all our children and grandchildren around for the first time in 4 years and it was great. But now the holidays are done, the family has started their 2020 and now it’s time to make a plan for us and the store.

So again, what are your plans and goals for 2020?


I started doing research on Kratom (and Kava) in September 2019 because Bohemian High sells these products and I was not able to answer questions about the products we sell like I could answer questions about CBD. I have spreadsheets and documents full of information that I cut and pasted to when I came across good bits of information.

Then I came across the KRATOM ONLINE website and in particular the Kratom Strain Guide on that site. This site gives great information on the Maeng Da, Thai and Bali strains. It details effects, recipes, serving size (dosage should not be used because this is a supplement and not a medicine) and much more information. I copied the following image from the site.

Kratom Strain Meter

Another great site for researchers is KRATOM GUIDES and in particular the page on the 16 Best Kratom Strains and their Effects. This page in particular gives and overview of the most popular strains.

Kava Colada

We now carry Kava.

Kava Colada
Kava Colada

Kava Kava is an herbal remedy that’s made from the roots of Piper methysticum — a type of plant found in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Its name literally means “intoxicating pepper.” People who live on Pacific islands like Fiji and Tonga have used it for hundreds of years in social gatherings and traditional medicine. They dry out the roots or crush them into a powder. Then they add water and drink the mixture. (ref: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/what-is-kava-kava#1 )

So far my favorite way to consume kava is in a colada.

Prepare the kava tea: take 1 ounce of kava powder and blend it in 32 ounces of hot (90 degreen-ish) water for 5 minutes then let sit for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture into a mason jar to get out the small root particles.

Mixing the drink: in a blender add 6 ounces kava tea with 2 ounces Coco Loco coconut milk, 2 ounces pineapple juice and a bunch of ice cubes. Blend to desired consistency and pour in a glass. Garnish with a pineapple slice and a cherry.

Good Vibes Festival Vendor Request

Its that time of year, Bohemian High is going to have our third annual Good Vibes Festival. The date is July 27, 2019 rain or shine and festivities start at noon. The location is 156 Bridgeport Ave, Milford CT.

We have 12 outdoor vendor 10 X 10 spaces available and 6 indoor vendor spaces available. Cost is $25 per space plus a raffle donation with a retail value of $25. Click here to pay the vendor fee or you can stop in the store to pay if you do not want to pay the processing fee on EventBrite.

Please contact Richard or Gloria for additional information, 420@bohemianhigh.com or complete the form below and we will respond, usually within 24 hours.


Monday, July 1st; deadline for inclusion in event program – no refunds after June 30th.


  1. On Saturday July 27th you will have access to the event area starting 10am and must be completely set up by noon.
  2. Vendor to bring tenting, tent weights (cannot fasten to blacktop), tables & chairs
  3. No vehicles, vans or trucks will be allowed remain by your vending spot; parking close by will be provided. 
  4. No food or beverages may be distributed from your area without prior consent.
  5. No CBD products without prior consent.
  6. Please remove all items and trash to appropriate areas prior to leaving at the end of the event.
  8. Vendors are responsible for all state and federal taxes

We look forward to a great weekend and are glad you are able to join us.

Artists, Crafters, Vendors…

We have a lot going on here at The Grove and Bohemian High for people that create things and want to sell them

We have a lot going on here at The Grove and Bohemian High for people that create things and want to sell them

  • Sunday Indoor Bazaar – During the summer, when the Devon Farmers Market is open, The Grove has invited you to be apart of the indoor bazaar. We have space for at least six vendors to “hock their wares”. Click here if you are interested.
  • Artist Wall Display – In our event space we have six 4 foot by 8 foot spaces to hang wall art. The concept is this: We arrange a time for you to come in and arrange your art with prices in your area of the event space. We leave the art hanging for a month. During that time we work together and organize an OPENING NIGHT for you to invite your friends, families, and other guests to view and hopefully purchase your work. The grove takes 18% (10% for The Grove, 6.35% for state tax and 1.65% to the cc companies) and you get the rest. You can also have a closing night if you’d like.
  • Training, Workshops and Classes – If you are good at what you do and want to pass the knowledge on, we will work with you and help you create a way to teach what you do. We do it with painters every month.
  • Festival Vending – Bohemian High has a festival every year and has space for 12 vendors to participate in the festivities.
  • Not Consignment – Bohemian High does not do consignment, BUT, if you schedule an appointment (203-301-4097), we will look at your items and possibly purchase them for sale in the store. We currently have about eight people we do this with.
  • Front of the Store Vending – If you would like to work this out with us e are open to this option also, we did it last year during the Farmers Market pretty successfully.

We have been open any idea and have yet to turn away an idea. So if you want to do it we can probably work something out so you can get it done. You can contact us by email, info@thegrovect.com, phone 203-301-4097, stop in to Bohemian High.

In the News – 2018 Review

Back on July 14, 2017 we were in the news. The New Haven Register published an article about us for having a cool hippie shop. Since then we have had some big and some small accomplishments and it’s almost 2 years later and we are still having fun.

In 2018 we had the following accomplishments:

  • Hosted over 50 events in our store.  We had Paint and Sip parties, Vegan Speaker, Magical Show, Support group meetings, Dreamcatcher Workshops, Belly Dancing Classes and other events.
  • Had a “Good Vibes Festival” in the parking lot adjacent to the store with three bands Remember September, Airlooms and Uncle Moose.  We also had 10 vendors help make the event a success (Hipnotic Hoopla, One Hit OneDa, The Colorful Dreamer, Lauren Flanagan Art, GoGo Joe’s, The Drunken Jerky and more).
  • Broke sales records every month except one.
  • Bought a short bus, painted it blue, gutted it out, added seating and decorations and now I use it as my daily vehicle.
  • Attended multiple festivals (Strange Creek, Blues Brews and BBQ, Walnut Beach).
  • Vended multiple festivals (Riverfront Music Revival, Soup Stock, Milford High School Reunion, Wormtown and the NORML Christmas Ball).
  • Attended many music venues (Xfinity Theatre, FTC, BRYAC, The Acoustic, Stella Blues) to spread the Bohemian High word.
  • Sponsored a Wigout with the Wigmaster at Silverbacks Bar  & Grill, 2627 Waterbury Road on the Thomaston/Waterbury.
  • Sponsored the after party at the  1st CT Annual Cannabis Conference.
  • Joined and attended the Milford Chamber of Commerce.
  • Won a “Honeymooners” award from Milford Alive.
  • Hit 1,550 like on FaceBook and 600 on Instagram.
  • Planned a new business that should open February 2019 in the space next to our current space.
  • Met hundreds of great people.
  • Attended drum circles at Gulf Beach.
  • Added multiple new artists to our products for sale.
  • Made some modifications to our CBD Calculator.
  • Paid our taxes and other bills.

Stop in and check it out for yourselves.

CBD at Bohemian High

We currently have 4 lines of CBD products:

Green Roads

CBD Products
CBD Products

Green Roads CBD products are pharmacist formulated, packaged in Florida, sourced mostly from Colorado, best packaging, best marketing and most expensive.

US HempCare

US HempCare
US HempCare

US HempCare products are full spectrum, strictly organic, non-GMO and tested at every stage from soil and seed to store. The hemp plant is grown in Connecticut and New England.  A proprietary solvent-less extraction method is used and facilitates their aim to set the standard for the highest quality, consistency and transparency in hemp extracts.


CBDistillery Oil

I heard about CBDistillery from a customer and decided to try it based on the low cost.  When we received it we sent a bottle out for testing and the results were exactly as advertised, I was very pleased.

Charlotte’s Web

Customers were asking for it but it was priced out of range.  Recently the price has been brought into line with the other manufacturers so we decided to carry it.  We are getting the first delivery today so I should get a lesson from the sales person.

Mindful Responder Support

When: Monday November 20th from 7pm to 9pm
Actually, we will be having this support group every 3rd Monday, this is just the first one.

Where: Bohemian High 156 Bridgeport Ave, Milford CT

Tickets: Tickets are FREE and can be obtained here.

We are proud to present Sean Weir from MindfulResponder.org. He will be the instructor for a donation based class for veterans, first responders and persons in recovery.

This 2 hour class/workshop will focus on:
– Meditation
– Intro to Mindfulness
– Mindful Yoga Therapy

We can only accommodate 15 to 18 people for this event. Click the “Find Tickets” link above to print your FREE seat placeholder.

Mindful Responder, based in Connecticut, is currently in the process of obtaining status as a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization. They provide Yoga and Mindfulness services for the benefit of all Responders, focused towards improving mental and physical health, wellness and peak performance.

Please visit MindfulResponder.org to see the amazing services they provide.

What to do with Already Vaped Bud (AVB)?

If you are vaporizing cannabis, do not throw away the flower that  is used because it is not necessarily garbage.  Take a look at this link to find out what to do with you vaped cannabis.

Using AVB