I started doing research on Kratom (and Kava) in September 2019 because Bohemian High sells these products and I was not able to answer questions about the products we sell like I could answer questions about CBD. I have spreadsheets and documents full of information that I cut and pasted to when I came across good bits of information.

Then I came across the KRATOM ONLINE website and in particular the Kratom Strain Guide on that site. This site gives great information on the Maeng Da, Thai and Bali strains. It details effects, recipes, serving size (dosage should not be used because this is a supplement and not a medicine) and much more information. I copied the following image from the site.

Kratom Strain Meter

Another great site for researchers is KRATOM GUIDES and in particular the page on the 16 Best Kratom Strains and their Effects. This page in particular gives and overview of the most popular strains.

Lauren Flanagan and Bohemian High Mash Up

Hi Everybody, we would like to introduce Lauren Flanagan as the newest artist to be presented by Bohemian High.


Laura Flanagan
Laura Flanagan

Lauren is a visual artist from Milford, Connecticut, who creates everything from pen illustrations, paintings, hand crafted jewelry and decor, henna tattoos, to earthy, wildly inspired floral design. The geometrical order and striking beauty of nature is something that guides her design and as such, mandalas, as well as, animal and plant totems are present in much of her work. Her art serves its highest purpose when it speaks to the artist inside its viewer and inspires a journey inward, toward a deeper understanding of one’s own creative power and purpose.


You can learn more and see more about Lauren at her web site. You don’t have to read the first paragraph of her about page because I copied it above.  Thank you Lauren.

Leah from LoveBugTieDyes

Leah with Gloria and Richard
Leah with Gloria and Richard

Leah from LoveBugTieDyes is now part of the Bohemian High family. She creates beautiful tie dye products and fantastic jewelry. You can stop by here and pick up some of her creations or find them on Etsy. We welcome Leah and her LoveBugTieDyes.

Holly Marie, LMT. Aromatherapy Candles

Holly Marie LMT and Gloria Krouch, Aromatherapy Candles
Holly Marie LMT and Gloria Krouch

Bohemian High is happy to welcome Holly Marie, LMT and her Aromatherapy Candles to our family of local artisans.

Holly is a Massage Therapist who specializes in Aromatherapy and relaxation massages.  Her candles were created to promote the positive mental effects provided by the natural fragrances of essential oils.

After using these oils in messages it was her dream to make candles out of them.  She procures her essential oils from the Sunflower Farm in Orange CT and makes the candles in her kitchen in Bethany CT.

Visit her on Facebook and give her some likes!

Champs, Atlantic City 2017

Champs Atlantic City 2017
Champs Atlantic City 2017

We just got back from our first Champs Atlantic City trade show.  We met some fantastic people and made some connections with some great vendors.

  • Diesel Glass Inc.
  • Home Blown Glass (HBG)
  • NY Glass Company
  • OTG Glass Blowers
  • Monkey Os
  • Inspiration Is Key

Diesel Glass Inc.

Diesel Glass Inc. is in Connecticut for the first time and they’re in

Diesel Glass Inc.
Diesel Glass Inc.

Bohemian High.  They call Florida home and offer, hand-blown, high-quality glass pipes. Diesel Glass focuses on providing hand-blown, high quality glass pipes, convenient customer service and supporting the glass blowing community with education and inspiration.

Diesel Glass is a family of local craftsman, believing in teamwork and attention to detail, creating premium smoke ware products. Taking local inspiration from their community and infusing it into the way they design, create and work. With innovation and creativity, Diesel Glass makes glass products specifically designed to enhance the smoke experience.


Some other images from Atlantic City:

Glass Blowing Atlantic City
Glass Blowing Atlantic City

Inspiration Is Key
Inspiration Is Key

Buying some new Twisted Sister Pipes
Buying some new Twisted Sister Pipes

Head 2 Toe Mash Up
Head 2 Toe Mash Up

Winning some of my money back
Winning some of my money back

Dr Dabber Boost

Dr Dabber Boost eRig

Dr. Dabber eRig
Dr. Dabber eRig

The Dr. Dabber Boost is the first portable, battery-powered dab rig for essential oils, employing a titanium domeless nail much like you would see in traditional glass dab rigs. No torch required. The device heats to an optimal temperature with a simple button press, making it one of the easiest dabbing solutions available. Click the power button 3 times when using the titanium nail/ceramic nail, or click 5 times to unlock a higher heat setting for use with the quartz nail (included). When attached to the included glass water filtration piece, the Boost replicates the dabbing experience perfectly. Capable of 30 to 40 uses on a single battery charge, the Boost eRig truly is the best of both worlds: a portable dabbing experience without any sacrifice. *This unit is not suitable for dry herbs, only oils and waxes*

Dr Dabber boost kit includes

  • Boost eRig
  • Glass water attachment
  • Domeless titanium nail (threaded)
  • Ceramic nail (threaded)
  • glass nail (threaded)
  • magnetic carb cap
  • magnetic loading tool
  • 2 Medical grade silicone storage containers
  • micro USB charging cable
  • Limited edition Dr. Dabber keychain

How to use the Dr dabber eRig

  1. Load water (remove glass before loading)
  2. Click button (3 times for titanium nail)(5 times of ceramic/glass nail)
  3. Load product on tip of tool
  4. Touch tip if tool to nail once light changes color
  5. Begin to inhale through glass mouth piece
  6. Once product has melted flip the tool around and place the carb cap on top of nail to increase vapor density (3-4 seconds)
  7. Sit back and enjoy

Atmos KilnRA

Atmos KilnRA

Atmos KilnRA
Atmos KilnRA

The Kiln RA is a sub-ohm vaporizer meant to be used with waxy consistency products, using ceramic heating attachment that uses replaceable atomizer. these atomizer are uniquely designed, utilizing pure ceramic heating to evenly vaporize your product, producing rich and pure flavor.

Atmos KilnRA kit includes

  • 1 user manual
  • 1 screw driver
  • 5 replacement rubber bands
  • 2 replacement screws

How to use the KilnRA

  1. Remove mouthpiece/cap to expose heating chamber
  2. Apply a small amount of substance (wax consistency) onto the ceramic heating disc
  3. refit the mouthpiece/cap ensuring that it is completely attached
  4. Turn on by pressing button 5 times
  5. press and hold power button and inhale slowly
  6. To maintain maximum puff duration the KilnRA will only allow for a 15 second drag although recommended 5 second inhales


Grenco pen

Micro G pen kit
Micro G pen kit

Micro in size yet monumental in capability, this next generation microG Vaporizer features improved durability and function, while still maintaining the fundamental makeup integral to the Original microG. Ideal for fluids medium to thick in viscosity.

MicroG pen Kit includes

  • 2 Rechargeable original microG batteries
  • 2 Original microG coils
  • 2 Original microG mouthpieces
  • 1 G Keychain
  • 1 microG tool
  • 5 microG mouthpiece sleeves
  • 1 G wall adapter
  • 1 Original microG wired USB charger
  • 2 G glass containers
  • 3 G cleaning tips

How to use MicroG

  1. Load microG pen with concentrate
  2. Put mouthpiece on
  3. Turn on the microG pen by pressing the button 5 times
  4. Let heat up for 2-3 seconds
  5. Pull for 6-7 seconds
  6. Enjoy




The first ever pocket nail, the Puffco+ features a coil-free chamber designed to function just like a ceramic nail. The Plus delivers highly potent, flavorful, and discreet vapor. Use the Dart to easily load a dose at a time and instantly experience full spectrum effects. No Coils, No Glues, No Compromises.

Puffco+ Vaporizer Kit includes

  • The Puffco Plus comes complete with a full Plus
  • An extra capped Plus chamber
  • USB SuperCharger
  • Instruction manual
  • Cotton swabs

How to use Puffco+

  1. Click button 5 times to turn it on and off.
  2. Unscrew the mouth piece.
  3. Place contents on Dart and screw mouthpiece on.
  4. Keep pen vertical to ensure efficient heating of content.
  5. Press and hold button while inhaling.



Vaporizers/Atomizers Quick Links

Sorry guys, very busy today but I wanted to get links to videos about the vaporizers we carry here at Bohemian High. I promise to do a better job once we slow down a bit… but here you go…

Atmos KilnRA

Dr Babber Boost

microG Vape Pen



Magic Flight Launch Box


We do not carry a ton of vaporizers so we carry some of the best.  Come buy to touch and feel them, something you cannot do over the internet.