Kantha Quilts

Kantha Quilts
Kantha Quilts

How you say it: KAHN-taa

Where they’re from:

Kantha Quilts, or simply kanthas, originate in Bangladesh and the eastern states of India, where women stitch together layer upon layer of old saris and tossed-aside cloth scraps to create thin throws used as blankets and cushions.

Fun fact:

Kanthas sport different patterns on each side, and who doesn’t love a good two-for-one deal?

Ref: https://www.onekingslane.com/live-love-home/kantha-quilts/


Belart, Fair Trade Jewelry

Belart Jewelry
Belart Jewelry

Bohemian High is proud to offer Belart fair trade Jewelry.  Belart is a socially responsible, Vermont small business, supporting, and empowering women, and committed to providing sustainable employment for economic disadvantaged, vulnerable and displaced communities in Colombia SA (85% of whom are women), the innocent victims of Colombia’s 45+ year old civil war.


Tagua nuts are the seeds from the fruits of the Phytelephas Aequatorialis palm tree, meaning literally: elephant plant from the equatorial region of the Amazon rain forest.  It is the new “Green Ivory” Eco-Fashion, a biodegradeable, renewable and sustainable resource.  Their TAGUA custom products are handmade from sustainably harvested TAGUA nuts- collected after they fall to the ground, so the palm trees are not harmed.

AGAVE Earrings

100% solar powered, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable plants that grow at 4,000 feet in the tropical mountainous regions in Colombia. When mature, the leaves are cut at the base of the plant, without taking down the plant. They are cut, separated from the fiber, washed combed, air and sun dried, then water based dyed and transformed into items like rope, hats, jewelry ….. and tequila!