Nancy Drew, Mentalist

A new experience for Bohemian High, our offerings now include empathy sessions with Mentalist, Nancy Drew.

Empathy sessions with Mentalist, Nancy Drew
Mentalist, Nancy Drew

To our delight, Nancy will be sharing her own spiritual journey to help others find a personalized path to self-care and enlightenment.  Nancy is practiced in a variety of divination tools that have been used for ages to unlock internal conflict, soothe the heart and ease the mind.   She may also help you determine tangible measures to improve your overall well-being and reclaim joy in your life.

Sessions are based on Nancy’s clairsentient interpretation of *your* psychic energy… use of some other elements as listed below may also be helpful; the choice is entirely yours!!

  • Tarot Cards
  • Palm Readings
  • Past Life Recall
  • I Ching Inquiries
  • Nature/Spirit Animal Journeys
  • Hypnotherapeutic Awakenings
  • Astrology in Daily Life
  • Crystal & Gemstone Healing Properties

If you are interested in scheduling a confidential session or learning more about how Nancy might help you, please call  (203) 301-4097 or stop in and visit.